10 Facts About Owner and Designer Callie Tein

Callie Tein - owner and designer of Modern Trousseau


Purchasing a wedding gown from Modern Trousseau immediately transforms you into a #moderntrousseaubride. With that knowledge, we want to welcome all of you to enjoy a peek into the life of the woman behind our standard of nothing-less-than-perfect. Continue reading for 10 facts about Modern Trousseau owner and designer Callie Tein.


1.   She loves to oil paint

When Callie isn’t drawing dress sketches or working with brides to create their one-of-a-kind gown, she turns to oil painting to help her relax. For designer Callie Tein, there’s nothing better than putting on an old shirt, standing in front of a blank canvas and just imagining what could be.


2.  Born and raised in Australia 

Living in Melbourne, Australia had many perks for Callie: she was close to her family, indulged in the delicious food scene, and partook in the famous laid-back Aussie lifestyle. However, it is the climate, or, more specifically, the weather in February that she misses the most. According to Callie, “There is a lot to be said about the good Melbourne weather.”


3.  She’s always been passionate about the arts

A career in design always seemed imminent for Callie. As a young girl, she knew she wanted to do something creative and artistic but struggled with understanding how to turn that passion into a sustainable career. After she finished high school, Callie enrolled in an art and design course where she studied photography, ceramics, painting, and other creative disciplines. It is during this experimental period, Callie realized she loved fashion. This realization drove her to enroll in Fashion Design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and, from there, it was all about fashion design!


4.  She grew up in the 8O’s

Fashion was everything in the ‘80s and a great time to grow up. Music videos emerged into the pop culture scene. Singers and celebrities, like Madonna, donned amazing clothes in their videos, inspiring people to want to look like them. For Callie, this decade was a crazy, interesting time for fashion.


5.  She works with her dream client everyday

Callie’s dream client has always been each individual Modern Trousseau bride. She loves getting to know people, as well as taking the time to talk about their style and personality. These interactions allow Callie to understand her client and to know which dress they should have. In fact, it usually only takes a client three dresses until they find the one. The happiness and confidence that radiates from the bride when they put on the gown, is the moment that fuels Callie’s passion for designing bridal gowns.


6.  She is all about customization

Recognizing that each bride is unique, Callie maintains a willingness to modify designs to suit a bride’s individual vision for her wedding day look. The customization process can be a learning experience for Callie as it can push her to create a design that she may not have thought of before.


7.  A whole lot of love!

One of Callie’s favorite elements of the design process is working with her head seamstress Monica – together, they put a whole lot of love into every dress. Callie and Monica will talk through the fit, how the design will work, if the bride will be comfortable, and how the fabric will pair with the design. When a dress does not meet our standard of nothing-less-than-perfect, then Callie and Monica know the dress just needs a little more love!


8.  The pandemic has been her biggest challenge yet

Callie believes that when you work in fashion, you have to be a little bit of a control freak. With the pandemic, everyone lost all control. In fact, the only thing Callie could do was tell everyone to stay calm, to not worry, and to contact her when they are ready to collect their Modern Trousseau gown.


9.  Made in the USA!

Determined to have full control over the quality and customization process of the Modern Trousseau gowns, all designs are manufactured by the company’s own production house in New Haven, Connecticut. Callie enjoys overseeing the production process from start to finish and having the flexibility to make last minute modifications. After all, these decisions make every Modern Trousseau gown a one-of-a-kind, wearable work of art.


10.  Her goals have shifted

For the last twelve months, Callie has worked to ensure that even in the midst of a pandemic, brides remain able to purchase a gown fit for their individual vision. While she waits for normalcy to return, she remains focused on expanding the company and designing stunning bridal gowns.


Go ahead and browse our beautiful selection of Modern Trousseau wedding gowns by owner and designer Callie Tein –  you never know what might catch your eye!