How to Describe your Dream Wedding Dress

Chances are, you have been dreaming about your wedding dress since before you even met your fiancé! The problem is, you can picture it in your head, but it’s difficult to get that perfect image into words. Trying to describe a dress as a whole can be difficult, so we broke down each element of our gowns into parts. This way you will be able to perfectly verbalize what you want to your Modern Trousseau stylist during your bridal appointment and discover the dress you’ve been dreaming about!


1. Silhouette

The silhouette is the overall outline of the dress. Rather than all of the little details of a gown, this describes the way a gown will fit the body. Many different silhouette shapes are made to flatter or emphasize different elements of the body like A-line, ballgown, and fit-to-flare silhouettes. Learn more about common wedding dress silhouettes in our prior blog post! Knowing what type of silhouette you like and being able to describe it is one of the best ways to begin your dress search!

2. Neckline

Similar to silhouettes, there are many different types of necklines to choose from when it comes to wedding dresses. Here are some examples of popular bridal necklines to describe to your Modern Trousseau stylist! 

  • Sweetheart: creates a heart shape on the bodice, commonly used in strapless gowns.
  • Scoop Neck: gently scoops down the front creating a U shape.
  • V-neck: creates a V shape on the front (or back) of the gown. This neckline can vary in depth, so be sure to specify which you prefer to your stylist. 
  • Straight: this minimalist neckline simply goes straight across the bodice.
  • Off the Shoulder: can be combined with some of the necklines above and features fabric or sleeves that gracefully drape off the shoulder.


3. Straps vs. Sleeves

When it comes to straps and sleeves, choosing is typically an easy call. It all depends on your personal preference! Do you prefer straps or no straps? And remember, straps can come in different widths thin, thick, and even spaghetti! If your dream gown has sleeves, try to describe the sleeves in length. For example, cap sleeves, short sleeves, quarter, or long sleeves!  


4. Fabric

Describing the type of fabric you want can be tricky. Luckily, at Modern Trousseau we do not expect you to know all of the technical terms (but bonus points if you do)! That is what our stylists are there to help you with at your appointment. When describing the type of fabric you are envisioning, try to describe the look or texture of the fabric. For example, shiny, matte, flowy, sheer. You can also describe embellishments like lace!

And there you have it! The top four elements of a gown that you can use to describe your dream dress to your Modern Trousseau stylist. If you still feel like you can’t quite describe what you like, or are not 100% sure of what you want, don’t fret! Your bridal appointment is the perfect time to try many dresses with different silhouettes, necklines, straps, sleeves, and fabrics. Book an appointment today to discover (or create) the gown of your dreams!  Now, go have fun shopping!