Modern Trousseau Gown Customizations

Every bride has a unique vision of what her dream gown looks like. Whether it’s the style, shape, or pattern of the gown it can be a long journey to find the perfect one. That’s why an important part of the Modern Trousseau experience is the ability to modify each gown and customize it into the exact version of what the bride is envisioning! Here is a list of some of our top customization features:

Modify Shapes 

Finding the perfect shape is an important part of constructing a bride’s gown. The silhouette can be altered to better fit what a bride has in mind. If a fit and flare gown has too much flare, it can easily be modified to flare less. A bride might also prefer to add a longer train on the back. Each modification gets a bride closer to creating the gown of her dreams!

Swap Out Laces 

Alternating the lace on a gown can be the perfect modification for a bride in love with the shape of a gown but not the details on it. She might prefer lace scalloping over hand-beaded lace. Another modification could be adding in lace straps or even a lace bodice. These adjustments can have an enchanting effect on a gown, making a bride’s vision come to life.

Add Embellishments

A gown’s beauty can be accentuated by adding in extra details! Adding a ribbon belt, a bow, or even duchess-covered buttons can be the perfect touch on a dress. It can make a gown go from simple to breathtaking! Finding the right embellishments is a key part of establishing a bride’s signature style choices.

Combine Tops & Bottoms 

Mixing and matching tops and bottoms is one of the more unique customizations we offer. Brides who have a very specific idea of what they want can work with our stylists to determine what combination best suits them. This sort of customization really allows brides to design a gown that is unique to them. 

Alter Necklines

The neckline is such a focal point of every gown. Depending on whether a bride prefers a more modest neckline compared to more of a deep v-neck or strapless is entirely their preference. If a bride happens to find the gown of her dreams but the neckline isn’t her style, no problem! The neckline can be effortlessly customized to suit their vision.


Each and every customization is handcrafted with love in our USA-based atelier in Woodbridge, Connecticut. Our team works hard to fulfill each and every bride’s vision. Customizations are a key part of what makes Modern Trousseau unique. A notable element of our customization process is the timeframe as everything is done in America. We pride ourselves on the quality and craft put into each gown. Schedule an appointment at any of our flagship locations in DC, Nashville, Louisville, or Charleston today and get started on your custom dream wedding gown!