Modern Trousseau Bridal Stylist Advice For Brides

We chatted with our bridal stylists and they shared valuable first-hand knowledge to ease every bride’s wedding dress shopping worries. Our Modern Trousseau stylists gave us some helpful tips that will prepare brides for what to expect at their appointment. Finding the perfect gown is such a special moment and our stylists are here to make sure you have the best experience! The Modern Trousseau experience centers around the relationship between our stylist and you, the bride. Here are the tips from our bridal stylists for any bride to be when bridal gown shopping:


Picking a Gown 

When you get the feeling that you’ve found the right gown, go with it! Don’t be surprised if you ‘say yes’ at your very first bridal appointment, it happens all the time! It’s also important to keep in mind that you might walk in with a vision and walk out with something completely different. That’s totally okay! As one of our bridal stylists always says, “Your wedding gown is like your fiance in a lot of ways – sometimes what you fall in love with might surprise you, or sometimes it’s exactly what you expected….but either way, it comes down to a feeling you have that just makes it something special.” 


Who should a bride bring? 

Only bring those nearest and dearest to keep your group small and intimate! It’s important to have those you love along for the journey but too many people can make the appointment feel overwhelming. 


How long is the average appointment? 

Appointments typically range anywhere from an hour to two or more. With Modern Trousseau gowns being fully customizable, we want you to take as much time as you need to find your perfect gown.


What should a bride bring?

Brides should come into the appointment with a hopeful attitude! We also recommend they were neutral and seamless undergarments. Having a positive mindset is an important way to make the appointment special.


Shopping tips…. 

You don’t need to try on a wide array of gowns before deciding on “the one”. Once you have that special feeling towards a dress, treasure it! Follow-up appointments can be made to ensure you have found your perfect gown but it’s also important to remember that “once you know, you know” feeling when deciding on a dress. 


Our bridal stylist’s favorite part of the appointment is… 

Our favorite part is when a bride finds the gown that makes her feel beautiful! Seeing her glow as she looks in the mirror and sees herself as a bride is such a special moment that never gets old!


How do you help brides pick the perfect silhouette? 

Finding that balance between determining what styles a bride thinks are beautiful and then determining what styles she feels beautiful in is very important. We pick up on body language from the bride and pay attention to her emotions as well as encouraging her to try new silhouettes she might not have considered! 


What advice do you have about customizations?

It’s important to trust the process! As a bride, you deserve to be able to customize a gown to fit your vision. Our designer, Callie specializes in merging the gown with the bride’s unique vision!


Bridal Accessory Tips… 

Pick the gown first! Once the gown has been picked remember that the accessories are meant to make you shine. Pick pieces that serve a purpose such as brightening the face or drawing the eye upward. A veil and bold earrings are typically more than enough! 


The tips our bridal stylists shared are a wonderful indicator of what shopping at Modern Trousseau is like and just how supportive our staff is of every bride! Our stylists are so excited to help you find your perfect gown! If you’re ready to start the journey towards fulfilling your bridal gown dreams, schedule an appointment at one of our flagship locations in Nashville, DC, Charleston, or Louisville